April 18, 2006

phaidon design classics

i've been looking for a desk chair for a while. right now i'm sitting in a folding chair with no cushioning. i wanted to just get a molded eames chair, or a verner panton, but i figured they wouldn't be comfortable for my kind of prolonged sitting sessions. however, i do not want to get a "task chair" like the aeron -- they would just look tacky now that i have my drafting table in the same room as my bed. (as for the aeron no matter adjustable to a million degrees they may be, i am just too small (hip length) to fit that chair. at apple, i sat in one and had chronic back pain.)

well, i tried browsing mocoloco, and of course, this always leads to tangents -- Phaidon has just released "999 Design Classics," a to die for design anthology. authoritative. i think rather than sit and work at my desk, this is the perfect opportunity to lay in bed and read.


kt said...

you are so silly!
another book(s) on my book list to buy.

oh, drw is having a 10% off sale.
perhaps you'll fine a chair there
and 20% off at moma

jean said...

grrrr ... i checked the entire dwr sale; 10% is such a measly sale! you know how when you know you can get consignment stuff for like 70% less than the department store? it's like that for dwr.

i KNOW i can get it for less at a boutique, and if i smooth talk the sales person ;) for example, inside on gough st has a really nice owner -- if you want to buy any polypropylene eames chairs, he's willing to give us a deal. *hint hint, r&k!!!

jean said...

i can't wait to finally settle down one day and have a house full of bad ass molded propylene chairs. and droog! i guess i am just a midcentury/dutch design girl.