April 17, 2006

new set

hey guys, i am putting together a 50-60 minute mix on ableton. it's going to be dance-able tech/techhouse, kompakt-eqsue but not to heavy on the basslines, if you know what i mean. if you have any suggestions for new tasty tracks i should take a listen to, let me know, even if it might not fit into this set. if you have mixable mp3's, let's do some vinyl swapping. i need more new music!

side note: envision a man in his twenties. he has a tiny store which sells only old vinyl records, a store that is also his home. the records are stacked up to the ceiling, layers and layers, against every wall and corner. his bed is actually built into a wall, so he sleeps surrounded by his collection, with records below him, above, and at his head and feet. he's a collector, and music, at least it seems, is his only passion. what happens to this man?


jean said...

okay, kompakt and trapez ... come on guys! gimme some tracks!

andrea said...

wish i had tracks to offer you.. :p

this reminds me of a newspaper story (ny times) about an old french man who owns a store full of very old and rare musical instruments that are on the verge of rusting into eternal obscurity..

and of the momoca shop!! i love that place!

a man in his twenties?

if you're thinking of filming this, i suggest that something happens to his store.. such that he has to leave town on foot... maybe a case of mistaken identity/uncollected debt/scorned love led somebody to take a hammer to his storefront window, etc... and so he has to flee, fast.

hilarity & adventure & pursuit ensue when he can't figure out the best way to transport his enormous collection with him, much less where to sleep..

or, he discovers that there are things buried or pasted underneath the wallpaper, or kept under the wooden slats of the floor. mysteries and flashbacks ensue.

or, somebody opens shop right next-door to him. tension/rivalry/unrequited love ensue. have you seen "the shop around the corner"? it got turned into "you've got mail".

i need a job! :p