April 5, 2006

wallet search

my perfect wallet was stolen back in february, if you don't recall: it was a single flap, smooth black leather, no hardware, something like 16 card slots with ID frame and an inset coin purse -- minimal. why prada don't make them like that anymore baffles me. it was a sad, terrible loss, no exaggerating -- it was a great gift, and i had it for seven years. on the bright side, getting a new wallet, i get a change of pace. and i found this very cute chicago-based boutique searching for a jerome dreyfuss: hejfina. (i ended up getting the apple green colored long wallet from aloha rag instead! how ironic i was going to get it in rome back in 2004 when it was only 99 euro.) if anyone spots another boutique site along the lines of la garconne, satine, seven, and such, please let me know!

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andrea said...

my mom thinks my wallet is too fat. and it's true. strange how personal wallets can be. or not. i need a new one.. the one i use now, i bought at a night market in taipei for a dollar!