April 4, 2006

so productive

i saw this pillbox selling at the Walgreen's in California Pacific Medical Center California campus. when you're on lots of meds, it's nice to have a swanky pillbox, but this is seriously absurd.

i have been so productive these last few days, i don't know when it will end. my health is improving, just like kamal said, exponentially -- at least i feel like i can power on for hours. i have to restrain myself, in fact.

i've done a lot of the stuff i've been meaning to do that are small, but worthwhile. i fixed the wooden sundial i made in college. i polished my tarnished silver jewelry. i took a walk with my dad and talked about stability in postmodern chinese society before a breakfast of blueberry muffins and warm mantou buns. today it rained, but at times it did not, and the color was honest and shadowless.

i have a small bouquet of freesias, yellow daffodils, and a white calla lily on my desk, stems i cut in the rain this morning. i have two new goldfish in a tank next to my bed -- orandas i haven't yet named. (any suggestions? i was thinking norse names for some reason, such as Morcar the Hammer or Erik Bloodaxe, or feminine-ly, Svenna or Thjodhilda. Please give me some good suggestions, because i think these little guys live for a few years at least). i will have photos soon.

i have completely categorized and ordered almost all my physical media and personal fashion, which is no small feat. even the fabrics i bought today! (kathy! i'm going to make something very soon!) i have a few relics to ramble through, not to mention a few magazines and books i should be, huddled in bed, reading: Valley of the Dolls, London Fields, Flaunt and Tokion. And my sister's heisted copy of February's National Geographic (the theme was Love).


Anonymous said...

Great job jean! I knew you could do it! Makes me so happy to read this post, made my day! My mom on the other hand is driving kevin crazy... she's staying till the 20th...kevin goes berzerk at the thought...

jean said...

what's going on with your mom? tell her i said hi! i hope this is no indication of future in-law relations (wink wink). if your mom wants to find someone to talk to during the day, i think my mom would be cool with hanging out with her sometime, if she likes ... !

andrea said...

i've got a hunch that that pill-box may be designed for senior citizens. near-sighted, stumbly, deaf senior citizens.

even if your fishes are boys, i would name one "holga". just like the name of the camera brand. sounds strong, hearty, full of fortitude. plus names like holga/elga/olga always seem androgynous to me- meant for russian/scandinavian women with thick waists and legs.

happy reading!! i remember that issue about Love! and i've been thinking about "Valley of the Dolls"! i just started reading "Electric Ladyland" .. the author writes about how print media affected/triggered the 'sexual revolution' in the States..

andrea said...

warm mantou buns & shadowless color! remind me of home!!