April 3, 2006


several days ago, i went into a chemically-induced hysteria and ran my face into the side of the door. lesson: when contending with wild doors, the human face loses. i ended up smashing my glasses, black-eyed and bruised the left side of my face (no fractures, according to the x-ray!) i learned i cannot let the drugs get the best of me. i am one hundred percent with my b's. on the bright side, here's an opportunity to get some fabulous buffalo horn frames at cutler and gross.

"Stefano Pilati's gorgeous 'Dada' shoes for YSL. Inspired by surrealist and Dada movement artists (as the name suggests), the angular, weighty styling seems to have already kick-started a trend for statement heel shapes." (via) Now imagine this on a long, thin leg topped with a mini. Lovely!

"Nine semi-precious stones are luxurious placed on this long necklace by Mended Veil. The stones are created to mimic the planets gives off a mysterious feeling." (What kind of mysterious feeling i can only sense tingling in my veins, but the whole thing sort of reminds one of Katamari Damacy, doesn't it?) (via)

i gave my beige trench coat from high school to my little sister. i need a new one: dolman sleeves, epaulets? a medieval high renaissance colonial orientalist pulp noir industrialized urban masculine/feminine dream. this one's by myself by kai kuhne, who broke off from fashion collective as four last year. (via)

now that i'm at home, i've reverted ever so slightly to the more materialistic suburban/high school self. okay, fine, i've always been materialistic, but i'd like to believe i'm now more educated about it, sort of. now i buy, but i buy conscientiously. right? it's not just about accumulating cool stuff so me and my friends look cooler than the cats next door, it's about supporting designers, people who made ideas happen into works available to an any one (kind of), making lives happier, or at least more thought-provoking, and most importantly, what you buy (and not buy) is the best indicator of your aesthetic-ethos.

so to the nitty gritty baselessness of it all: i fancy. i desire objects. i see the fetish behind that translucent pane, and i want a piece of it. when i put it on, that fetish becomes me. what can i say? a consumer, to inject some sex in my life, i want to be objectified. if that makes sense.

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