May 29, 2006

archiweekend part 4

(05.17 to 05.22, also entitled "An Endless Stream of Potential Blog Entries")

Simulacra and the real macaw (like 1st ave. machine's short), Flash McGee -- the young arrowana, a letter to Mike Davis to write a book on Civil War re-enactment enthusiasts, Post-Apocalyptic Rogue River Survivalism, a website devoted to showcasing the kitschiest pieces of kitsch in the world, wine snobs at Pizzaiolo and the Silver Loin, a surreal visit to Laguna West, yoga in the park, the transformation of friends, rice and beans at an Oakland taqueria with a Galaga machine, stop using the word postmodern anymore ever, how to deal with playerhaters, talking points, sugar-coated indie happiness of the 90s, ugly babies with huge craniums, nude rock climbers, hardened criminals, you can tell a lot about a person from one glance at their shoes, feminism from the perspective of a corporate stepper, delicious raspberry and beet-siting at the Civic Center farmer's market, what a fabulous week.

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