May 29, 2006

quotes of the weekend IV

(Paraphrased and out of context for maximum effect. As usual.)

"Yadadada Vinci Code. That's what we call it in the Yay. But who would watch that crap?"

"I don't go to sneaker shops to buy shoes. I go to get my shoes checked out by all the employees."

"Unicorns are adorable, pegasii are adorable -- chimeras are brutal and bloodthirsty."

(checking out camo stuff at Harput's) "Well, I should probably just wait until I actually go hunting to buy a hunting jacket, right?" "Ah, boar-hunting. You get one, you could make enough boar sausages to last a year."

important question of the week: curating memories? we sort through so many images and lighting schemes and sounds and memories and news and new ideas and old ideas every day ... how do we choose the ones we ponder and remember fondly days, years from now? OR do they choose us?

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