May 11, 2006

bathroom countertop -- possibly girliest but most practical post ever

stuff i use to pretty up.

when it comes to make-up, i like to keep it minimal. but, as a lot of you girls and boys know, it takes a long time to find the just-right collection of makeup and face products that work for you. these are some of the things on my bathroom counter right now, to which i've been loyal a few years now. (as you know, when it comes to products i'm all about finding what i like and sticking with it!)

i'm still on the look out for new products for facial suncreen protection (super light, but high SPF) -- always a tricky area for folks with combination skin. more suggestions on the flickr page!

if you have any favorite products that you love and work, even men's labels, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Realistically suncreen is quite a shitty product and most studies indicate that at best it has minimal effects in preventing carcinoma. Most docs beleive it's much better to just where a hat with a big brim. Skin cancer is the only cancer that has had increasing incidence throughout the last couple decades, I think right now it's about 1 in 74...anyways save your money and buy big hats :)

jean said...

hey, wait wait ... where are you getting these studies? and how come my doctors all tell me to slather the stuff?

big hats, yes! i just got a straw hat, but sadly this is not a hat society (oh how interesting it would be to live before the world wars when miliners were as powerful as shoemakers). a good designer needs to revolutionize hats.

also, it's too hot to wear clothes that cover the body head-to-toe around here. so sunblock is my only protection outdoors. please don't destroy my faith in sunblock!

Anonymous said...

The joys of being a medical student and being presented the latest reasearch, hehehe. Just use a broad spectrum sunblock - oh and some new studies show that not only is how much sun exposure you get important in predicting how likely malignancy will develop, but also how many times you have burned. So don't burn! :)

jean said...

i think a lot of the concern is sunspot and wrinkle prevention, also. so it's not just skin cancer we're trying to prevent with these face lotions.

anyway, you know me -- i don't burn; i brown!

Anonymous said...

I use NINA RICCI lightening makeup base SPF30/PA++, and it works quite well! Very light and makes your skin it.

jean said...

ooh, thanks for the suggestion! i shall try to get a sample next time i go shopping!

andrea said...

thanks for the tips! i finally received the check i've been waiting for and i'm heading over to the city to shop tomorrow! (post-exam exhiliration)

i have brand loyalty, too, but maybe this is mostly because i can become the kind of person who treats discrete things/entities (people, products, projects...) as variables that i need to know in-depth before being at ease with them. if that makes sense. so i've been slowly experimenting with a variety of brands. Origins seems ok with their variety of skin care products..

however, i might start trying out Clinique and sticking to it for a while. turns out that a new employer (who works out of her house) is super-sensitive to scents? and can't tolerate anything with aloe or parabens in it? she sent out a "safe list of products" and Clinique was safe on all accounts. plus it just seems like a fun, simple line.

Anne said...

Hi Jean - Chad's NYC friend Anne here - Just a quick note to say your site/sketches/photos point of view all beautiful - and Ringo - lovely.

I rarely leave the house without a hat on - true - a favorite source is marimekko, the finnish company. But I pack three hats for a day trip. The weather could change. My makeup regimen- sunglasses, lipstick and a hat. If you must go hatless- for a non greasy, sticky sunscreen for your face - try Janet Sartin's oil free spray.

OK - please kiss Ringo for me.