May 12, 2006

sabbatical routine

6:30-7:00 wake-up
30 mins> morning yoga/aerobics (jogging with ringo), wash
7:30-8:30 begin breakfast
3 hrs> rest after meds, proceed into cooking, errands, more workout
12:00 begin lunch prep
4 hrs> activities, work/play (swimming/jogging before dinner)
17:00 begin dinner prep
2-3 hrs> work, evening walk with ringo
20:00-21:00 prepare for sleep
wash, evening relaxation yoga

i've found this routine is not only useful to manage the side effects of my treatments, but it's essential to structure my sabbatical life. (not having a routinized work schedule, and just not having lots of things to do, gets me jittery!) anyways, with all the extra exercise, which is possibly the best advantage of having my own schedule, i am getting healthier every day.

i do my own cooking, and my diet is perhaps 5-10% of a person's typical sodium intake. some days i have virtually no salt. i'm eating low on the food chain, and it's delicious: almost all organic ingredients, and of course, sorbet for dessert. or fresh fruit. i eat heavier lunches and lighter dinners.

my muscles are getting back the mass they lost in the hospital, which is a great feeling. it was depressing to not be up to speed in my running a few weeks ago, but now i am pacing myself steadily to increase my mileage each day. i can't wait to get my bianchi down here and finally be able to use this goddam suburb as a velodrome!


(... which reminds me of the dream i had last night -- i was biking on my road bike in loops in under a freeway overpass in new york, having a blast -- all cement and celeste and silver brake chains, and it morphed into a high speed bus chase that was actually a world within a maya rendering -- with an evil orange nemesis hovercraft that looked like it came out of star wars episode 1, all glossy and aerodynamic and shit. anyway, that just made me long for my bike so bad ... :)

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a said...

that's an awesome routine! with ringo!