December 24, 2006

from whence cometh


i am very fascinated with this strange color ... brown, lately. not really black, not really any other color. but not exactly neutral. there's something rather alien about it. we like to say it's a color that tries to be black but isn't strong enough to do it, or perhaps it's black tonally confused. well, i'll vouch for brown's allure in its own right. brown is the painted borders, door frames, tree trunks, fur, and dirt; never the centerpiece, but steadfast.

on another note, since when did ines van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin start doing that juergen teller point and shoot flash style?

on another nother note, i was checking out missbehave magazine lately, and thinking about the neu rave / neon is the new black ridiculousness in the mainstream fashion media -- makes me cringe anytime someone (especially a journo) makes a trend proclamation, and always super late in the game; these things are not so sacred that if you're not in, you're out (which is another kind of ridiculousness not even worth discussing further), but it's never cool to claim a phenomena and simplify it such that your iconography obliterates all nuanced associations.

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