February 3, 2007

07aw henrik vibskov

richer than bernhard willhelm and jeremy scotts' this season, henrik vibskov gets me ecstatic. fucking awesome set, great styling. (not to say we haven't seen this in tokyo for like thirty years already ... ) a sure sign of a gnarly men's collection (personally) is one where i see a dozen or more pieces i'd want to wear.

... here's some hot numbers last season's, entitled "the big wet shiny boobies coolection." (how interesting k and i would be laughing at this again in two different places at the very same time!)


(does anyone remember the name of this installation artist?)

by the way, are all you ladies who are online watching the proenza schouler for target on amazon for uploads today?


Bruce said...

such great imagery: tiny black carrot towers, a yellow landscape, and gourds dripping from the sky...!

sheeep said...

I wonder what those floating things in the last 2 photos...?

jean said...

an ode to forms and shapes: an ode to boobies! and i am still trying to remember the name of that artist ...