February 1, 2007

what do i do when i'm alone?

hey ya'll, how ya doin?

these days are filled with new sounds, new friends, new drawings, and lots and lots of fashion. on top of a/w 2007 fashion weeks and weeks, i'm summoning up all my special powers to absorb the art overload, which means, i am in invisible mode: cuing up my pupils' reverse lazers and silently hovering in the shadows amongst my media my computer my off cellphone my scissors fabric thread paper pencils wacom tablet scanner and my dog, creepy recluse-style. i am accumulating untouched trays of nutritious objects from the slot under my door. ringo is twitching his ears nervously to the strange bleeping rhythms and piano house emitted from my speakers. my bike grows an elaborate city of cobwebs, and unplucked weeds will erect fortresses in my garden. my mother will weep and my father will worry. but fear not -- soon enough, i will surface to air and perhaps catch a glimpse of the world outside my aesthetic sea of solitude! anyway, i am only here to capture treasures for you.

in other news, are you aware of the enormous quantity of sesame street shorts on youtube?! now you do do do!

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