February 12, 2007

remember to toss your clocks

we're approaching jean standard time (JST) and it's almost 36 o'clock. here, time isn't linear, nor circular, but travels in a sphere.

now, it's exactly 36 o'clock in the mid-noonnight, and it's also 4 o'clock and -2 o'clock. no, there's no daylight savings time (daylight needs no saving in this time zone). don't wind your watch either (time tells you, not the other way around)!

at this zone, we face the earth with our feet firmly planted in the clouds. at this hour, we're the future we imagine, the past us we write over again and over again, in the present we inhabit once, or, possibly, many times together.


bruce said...

... and maybe brucejean standard time (bst) is constantly 0. no pm no am. no hour hand nor minute hand. no early no late. there's only this moment.

jean said...


sheeep said...

In my case, a day is 12 hours long. So much things to be done, so little time I have to work for...I wish I had 36 o'clock.

Very nice photo, by the way. I think B&W works with it though.

jean said...

thanks for the suggestion. :)

yes, i feel you on the not-enough-minutes. but sometimes i find it nice to not do any of the things on my list and just meander. (but a lot of times, meandering has me adding more things to the list!)