February 17, 2007

xing nian kuai le

i was thinking about you this last day of the lunar year. i was treading white snow, flat and crunchy, clean with lines of skis. we were lifted into bits of ice under the sun. my sister and i hummed the duet "baby, it's cold outside." the sky had never been bluer.

at the end of the day, i watched the tops of trees traveling through the frame of the windshield (long and narrow). my sister hummed "after hours" with her eyes closed, half-asleep. the sky had never been soft bluer, pinker and lavenderer.

if you close the door
the night could last for ever
leave the sunshine out and say 'hello' to never

as the year closes, here's a palindrome for this year, and one for the next -- set to verse, and maybe even a strummed tune:

if i had a hi-fi
emits time.


bruce said...

welcome back from the mountain

jean said...

i brought you back a snowflake!

bruce said...

please keep it in the freezer for me so it won't melt.