April 8, 2007

mise en abîme

hi friends,

i just got back from a most stellar journey, the kind so quiet and soft and real it prepares you to take everything apart and put it back together again in a thunderous way.

last week, i found myself in a nest made of branches and pillows gazing at a mountain full of green upside-down V's, and discovered secret wooden ladders that can lead you straight to the craggy sea. all sorts of little yellow finches hide in grass that's as high as your shoulders. one day, i rode a car down a road that got smaller and smaller as you got deeper into the curve of the coast, where telephone poles are about as high as the top of your tire ... either that or our car had blown up to behemoth proportions.

eventually it took off into the sky. when i woke up we landed in a town containing numerous florescent signs and a variety of delicious dinners cooked by kind moms, little brothers wearing seersucker jackets, smiling welsh corgis who chase things which are invisible. we ate at a little restaurant where the trees grow on the inside, saw a igloo made out of felt, an explosion manifest in wooden 2 by 4's, and many other things i will explain later. before this, a riddle: what is the sphere where if you stand in the center you are everywhere, and if you stand at the edge, nowhere?

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