April 17, 2007

points, lines

these days, because i haven't had time to write, i've been formulating blog posts in my head while falling asleep. for example, last night at around 3:30 am:

i am no longer interested in the sexy. i only see lines and folds: the length of a leg, triangle of a bent knee ...

abruptly i think how weird and pretentious this is starting to sound, and fall asleep. i proceed to have some gnarly dreams. last night i dreamt i was traveling through a modern art museum converted palace at its grand opening. i lost my way, called out for you like a bleating sheep. finally, you find me, and in an adjacent room, projected onto three silver screens was my terrified lost face in close-up, and over the loud speakers my wimpering voice calling your name. an artist had recorded me the hour before, crying and lost in the gallery, and was playing my sorrowful visage for the amusement of the guests. i was both curious that my screen image had built a rapt audience and contemptuous that my expression was coldly displaced from me, to the interpretation of all those muckety-mucks. and indeed, there you were also -- i was fond of being in your embrace again (as you were, too), but you stood amused at the drama which was our story flickering across three screens, and i knelt weeping. my loss was not a performance, but gone from me, it became one, empty and uncomfortable.

In other news, I have been fudging around with Alephs:

Naked singularities: The singularities inside black holes are always surrounded by an area which does not allow light to escape, and therefore cannot be directly observed. A naked singularity, by contrast, is a point in space where the density is infinite and which is observable from the outside.

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