September 2, 2007

anp quarterly

there are some days, like today, i think i have way too much shit. especially the printed kind. like i have twenty boxes of magazines and books, and i don't even want to move it out of my room. unfortunately it's all packed and stacked, so it's going! it's going!

i've complained about having too much information and too much everything many many times in this blog, but what can i do? there's no way i'm going to throw it away. as the 'collection' grows over the years, the hard thing is remembering what's worth reading again, today. where do i remember that? oh yeah, i guess that's what this blog is for.

today i was reading the anp quarterly i picked up from olipom free in sacramento. this is one of the more positive reads i've had in a long time. in fact, i've been thinking about subscribing just so i don't have to use extra fossil fuels to get an issue.

what pushes it above anything is the content. they have good stories, covering good artists, and clear words. (and they're local: mostly west coast). if i want to do stories, i have a lot to learn from this magazine. a lot.


Richard said...

yay. my friend makes ANP quarterly. it rocks. spread the good word. (my favorite from that issue is sister corita's rules. i have them posted near my desk.)

jean said...

NICE! hi richard, i remember your site from a few years back! are you still doing work for theme?

yeah, sister corita is amazing. when i saw that page, i had to take a photo of her rules and put it on my flickr (my ultimate test of love). and i love that anp does the large format! it would be so different without the space for huge images.