September 18, 2007

chair search

about a month ago, i was walking up the stairs in moe's to the fourth floor and came face-to-face with a poster i hadn't seen before. it was a grid of photos of ad hoc chairs in china, all taken by michael wolf. on the opposite wall in that stairwell, the pretty much identical vitra design chair poster (which you can purchase at dwr). i can't really get myself to go out and purchase a slinky panton or leathery eames, new or used, but now that we're setting up the studio for reals this time (YAY k and b!) i'll be reminded that chairs are mass-made and hand-made and as long as you sit in 'em, they're one in a million.

i found a set of bookcases in berkeley in 2005, held them captive for a year and a half, and released them onto fell street in sf when i moved again (within the day i put them on the sidewalk, someone gave them a new home).

okay, there are folks who find leaving old furniture in public places unethical; in some cases, true. in the collecting furniture off the street tradition, i hold firmly to the belief that if there are enough people living around you and you're not giving them trash, it'll be collected and used again. for another example, b's aunt found an abstract expressionist painting in a dumpster in soho, which now sits atop her bookcases.

i don't know the likelihood of coming across a mint sectional chaise at a flea market, but i like the option and the possibility. and in the worst case ... textiles!


Anonymous said...

vai lavar a cona.............

jean said...

hehehe :D