January 5, 2008

clean up

hi friends,

there's so much to update you on that it's going to be a waste of time for me to recollect it all here. just see me and i'll try to remember the things that happened these last few months. theme? how about three words: bookbook very fun. (gotta update that site really soon.)

i've been back home these last few days working for my dad on some stuff. in the meantime, i've gone through my old computer's hd and rediscovered all this old music that i started listening to around 2004 and 05 that i really loved. i don't know why i don't still listen to it; i suppose it has something to do with the glut of new trends and shitty albums i accumulated since that time. it's nice, though, to see some albums stand the test of time. i have to cull these up from my external hd and get rid of all that crap i save for the hell of saving.

the new years mood and all the future-looking stuff that goes along with it is really getting me in that recurring state: i call it "two suitcases and a one-way ticket to somewhere." it's not really feasible this time round, but soon enough!


minhthybach said...

old cds! let's listen! i'll bring back some early 90's r&b and freestyle!

Roger JR said...

also on my list is to clean out my HD's. truly... i don't know why i horde all this data.