April 15, 2008

me 'n b at opening ceremony

k found this photo on opening ceremony's myspace. the staff said they were going to start a blog. they shot me and b at the store last july or june. (this is the day i picked out my wren dress that i wore as maid of honor to siq's wedding!) the idea of an oc blog made me really excited, but when are they going to start? i know more than a few individuals who would follow it devotedly. :)

by the way, k is back online with her blog, and fully stalkable. ;) if you remember, she was on-line before everyone with an events kalendar. it was like the flavorpill of the bay area before flavorpill existed. k hasn't blogged for a few years since, so i'm stoked to see her posting again.

speaking of opening ceremony and turning back time, here's a jam i hope will brighten your day as much as it did mine: do you love what you feel?


Squeak said...

I love this pic!

lulu said...

Favorite couple!!!

See you soon Otter.