April 15, 2008


nice times from the last few weeks:

drinking super sweet, super pulpy lemon-limade siq and i made from her own trees' fruit. sitting on the deck, feeling the afternoon sun, talking about nothing in particular.

sitting at the kitchen table after dinner, talking with my dad about his college years, about the internet in the early 80s, ascii computer games off 5" floppies, and protesting in washington dc. jon listened in. i also learned that when he was my age, my grandpa was the leader of a communist guerrilla army fighting the kuomingdang in central china. turns out my dad didn't find out about this till a few years ago himself!

jon and i biked and skated to the neighborhood park to read books, only to be airraided by mosquitoes. we read cumulatively five pages before we ran home.

note: get dad a commuter bike and figure out a good way to record his stories to mp3.

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Squeak said...

I think your dad will really like the bike!