April 12, 2008

picture stories

do you ever have those days where you've been working and in the middle of it you think "what the hell have i been doing this whole time?" and you have to redo everything? i seem to be having these situations a lot. i'm gonna take a bit of a breather (which is something i need more frequently these days anyway) and go ride my bike. i don't like to accumulate things and it's stifling to have to update update update. one can only have a certain number of influences before there's just too much shit goin' on, so i won't be putting anything up that is not my own anytime soon.

here are some blogs for you to browse in the meantime. these are maximalist in the eye candy -- i like to call them "mood board" blogs, ones folks like to keep as a scrapbook of their own favorite images -- but never lack distinct direction and especially good if you need a reminder that you are a princess:

2 or 3 things (via)
scout holiday
alice in wonderland

and here are two blogs (friend blogs) with a vintage graphic bent. maybe not coincidentally, both use good 'ole no-nonsense courier!

reference library

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