April 14, 2008


rog, k, and i were all gathered in our bookbook studio tonight on our computers and table (me cutting a pattern, rog doing his taxes, and k doing lookbooks). it got cold so i rolled in the electric heater. then i started ironing my patterns. then i started ironing the cotton, turning the heat knob from 2 to steam 6. maybe i hit one louder on the iron and a few seconds later, our circuits couldn't take it and the room went dark. well, except for the macbook glow.

rog, being the one with the technical ingenuity in this unit, walked in from the kitchen (which also lost its light) and went back in to light candles. we enjoyed our new candlelit chambers. he left a few in the bathroom, too, just enough mood lighting for a lonely back scrub in the shower. except when i turn on the miles davis, and you have a soundtrack to almost anything you can imagine.

the point is, without power, we all instantly became sleepy; as k said, there must've been someone out there telling us to stop working and go to bed. i loved this lights off evening ... it's nice to lose electricity every now and then. take it as a metaphor for many things in life. plus candles make everything look fantastic.

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minhthybach said...

i had such a good night of sleep yesterday... lack of light = silence = peace.