May 13, 2008 + sanaa

when something renews my long-dead love for architecture, i must post it. i feel i haven't seen such breathtaking images in a very long time. and it was not just the thing itself, but the manner it was presented.

i happened to find out wim wender's most recent released movie, palermo shooting, was filmed in part at this wonderful building, the school of design at zollverien, germany. it is designed by SANAA. what can i say, i'm a sucka for sanaa.

a google search later, i came across a wonderful gallery-site of architecture: it is founded by alena hanzlova and presented in english and czech. a film here takes you on an hour-long tour of the building, complemented by stunning photographs (shot in Fujifilm? Kodachrome?) and text. in a feat of interactivity, the film is demarcated by tags and chapters so you can jump between subjects. i'm so impressed by gaaleriie's pitch perfect balance of video, photos, and text that that i wish i could code something like it myself. like the space and the films and photography describing it, it is a controlled force of design made manifest by many talented people.

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