May 18, 2008


newwork has images up! my favorite section contains mario hugo's work (bottom image).

i love the broadsheet format (32" x 23"), and i love it especially with gradient (insert sean carmody's poster for rachel comey in 2007). only thing about newspaper is i'm paranoid about getting ink on my fingers, and turning the pages wrong and making creases in the pages. and it's awfully hard to find shelf space that fits this thing (when it's not out, it's been sitting on the carpet at the foot of my bed in its cellophane for the last few months)! i would consider framing some of these pages, but then would that not disturb the comprehensiveness of the set? okay, now you know the extent of my print collecting neuroses.

from the site:

NEWWORK magazine is a large-format newspaper publication for readers who appreciate the value of new ideas. Designed and published biannually by studio NEWWORK, issue no.1 shows a selection of contributors solely from New York.

Seven artists chosen by studio NEWWORK present new ideas and images of art, design, high fashion, culture, and politics. From art directors to business leaders, from design students to curators, audience can find exiting new work and talent.

Since all the pages are separatable, they could be put up on the wall as art pieces. Customized typefaces to reflect each contributors' work stimulate thinking about typography in graphic design.

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