June 26, 2008


some interesting things from this weekend, visiting home:

i found out my dad and i both have synaesthesia. i asked him what is his favorite number, and it turns out to the be the same as mine: 7. we agreed it's the most balanced number. also, we agreed it is definitely, definitely dark blue. i counted off the rest of the digits, and we saw the exact same colors from 1 to 9.

my dog ringo (a german shepherd-retriever / golden shepherd?) can unlock and open doors. there are tooth and claw marks on every lock and handle in our house. granted we have french door handles on every door, but ringo does understand the directional turning of the lock and sequence of actions! this means he has at least the intelligence of a three year old child. (haha!) we are still trying to set up a surveillance system to capture him in action.

lillian moved into her first apartment in berkeley. with three roommates, in two little rooms. she's taking all these steps toward becoming an adult, but i don't think i will ever understand that we are no longer children. my little sister is a big kid now. almost. the thing i want to support her with most is her short films.

i unloaded a lot of books home this weekend, also, which makes me wistful. change and moving used to make me much more excited, but these days i want much more of the same. it will be hard to leave again. (fourth time's a charm?) i moved nine times when i was a wee one (nine different schools), so maybe it makes sense i am getting tired of uprooting almost every year. but who am i to complain? there's always a new life to be lived in a new town ...

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