June 20, 2008

friends of p, or you are never alone

i was so glad i had a few hours earlier this week to reorganize the blogs on my google reader; i am a happy blog-reading clam today.

one of the wonderful things about blogs and the interwebs is they make alive the word coincidence -- just the other day, i decided to peruse the archives of lupus and humor, one of my favorite blog by a fellow lupie on the subject, and lo and behold, what drops in my reader than an entry in the style press about an awesome little site a few pals put together for their dear friend (also a lupie), aptly named friends of p. to top it off, there is a cover of the rentals' "friends of p" by tokyo police club. perfect.

all the bright letters of the alphabet dance together to support p. so, no matter what happens to you, or how much time passes, even as you are by yourself in your room on your notebook computer, you are never alone.


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