September 30, 2008


sorry guys : i have not been around the computer much as of late nor doing much of anything except work and eating. (i miss a good night's slumber already!)

things are going swell, though. for example, i am doing a branding exercise for one of my classes and putting together a press kit for an imaginary collaboration between opening ceremony and yohji yamamoto. (so easy, right? i was thinking the whole monochrome thing is probably kind of a cop out on my part -- who would you collab with OC?)

also, at work i have had a glimpse of almost every vendor and contractor we use for production. it's a labor intensive internship, but fascinating. i can never look at my clothes again when i know that at least -- at least -- ten sets of hands have been involved in the process to create them ... ) talk about love.

call me!!!


Lynrei said...

hi jean!

how about i text you instead?!

bruce said...

i'll call you, guurrrrl

denim and shoes said...

miss u