January 13, 2009

howdy 09

hi everyone,

being at home was a blast. well, besides all the medical stuff (which is being taken care of as we speak), i had a most lovely vacation in wailea with my parents and jon and lilly. however, i was dying to have something to do besides lay on the beach after five days, so i'm glad to be back with some new insights on the island life. one of the most memorable events was riding up to haeakala peak at daybreak with my siblings. i tried snorkling, but it didn't agree with my stomach (osmosis?) even though we got to watch young humpbacks and dolphins for the rest of the day. just something you don't get in new york, and in addition to that, it seems EVERYTHING planted in maui GROWS. there's a lot of vitality in the air, and it was nice to see everyone stoked about obama.

speaking of which -- what are you going to watch: the inauguration or the season premier of LOST?

now i'm back, and getting settled in for a new semester with DESIGN STUDIO (finally!), with some very very exciting plans. rachel comey's show on the 13th of february (we need dressers). keep you updated soon!

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