February 23, 2009

new clothes, the first six months

i thought i would do a little reflective post on the 'first six months' of living in new york, but i wanted to make a list of my first six months' new clothing first!

september 2008 to february 2009

in order of appearance:

opening ceremony purple-ly flare coat in woolrich wool
o.c. black booties
chain with two black leather knotties by malababa
hope black tee in a weird silky space age textured cotton
hope black tee dress that buttons up the back
stephan schneider black silk cotton mini flare skirt
alpaca furry hairy slippers
acne robot cork-leather heeled oxfords
pendleton maroon wool work shirt from no relation vintage
rachel comey mud leather oxford wood clogs
black cut acrylic ring from prince street
clu pink puffy tank (thanks, d!)
souvenir x staci woo black linen sleeveless dress
steven alan sugar brown super big men's shawl-neck cardi
keep sneaks in black and blue (thanks, b!)
o.c. x stetson black extra wide-brim straw hat
obedient sons black n' beige fuzzy tweed blazer
american apparel blue-grey sweatshirt tee
(from k!!!)
o.c. white double collar box pleat blouse
o.c. x chloe sevigny white n' grey seersucker sleeveless oxford
o.c. grey wooly cardigan
o.c. brown heeled oxfords
o.c. neoprene sandals

i didn't realize i got so many new clothes since moving here, but i'm happy with all these new additions to my wardrobe family. also upon reflection, almost everything i bought seems to come from opening ceremony proper or a sample sale: project no. 8, steven alan, oc, obedient sons. everything else comes from 'presents' (or what i like to believe are presents)! i'm extra stoked about new clothes after coming here, because it's all design with lasting appeal (at least to me), and i wear pretty much everything constantly. my one regret is not having enough time to discover more thrift and vintage, my great love. for the future ...

this year, the aim is to buy less and spend more; i'm thinking maybe six or seven items at most for the rest of the year, but only pieces i spend a lengthy amount of time thinking about. no speed shopping; everything for 2009 must be SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!

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