March 1, 2009


i am very, very slowly whittling away at my tremendous to-do list, so apologies if i've gone straight hermit these last few weeks. i am in serious efficiency lone robot mode. a sad little robot, but getting the work done nonetheless. so, i miss you, thank you for bearing with me, and i hope to see you very soon!

things i am appreciating right now:

things! (thanks kathy!)
phone texting in gmail chat
google flutrends
google alerts
aretha franklin radio on pandora

i started a very rudimentary cooking blog, but it is private until i get the images right. (i keep reading these buddhist life-application things that tell you in essence to let go of your perfectionism and accept things the way they are, but as design-type persons, isn't this the very nature of our vocation? sigh.)

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