October 7, 2009

fashion questions

rhetorical or non-rhetorical questions:

why is the world of conventional fashion illustration the love child of a three-way between paris-is-burning glam, relics of antonio, and watercolor blobs?

why are all the figures so skinny? how did this become normal?

why does parsons think sustainability means buying $100 per yard fabric from their selected "natural" vendors and NOT producing better developed, meaningful, longer-lasting garments by rethinking the fashion cycle? (okay, too obvious, let's ask a not much harder one ... )

why does using the words green and sustainable make you sound like such a slick-haired marketing tool?

one thing i've learned to live with since moving here is the uncomfortable feeling of marketing; in manhattan, it's like kryptonite, but in gaseous form, ie ubiquitous! (not to say i'm super or anything. maybe it's more like the unease of a spidey sense. not to say i have any super powers AT ALL). you know what i'm talking about - the nearness of money lies and dubious claims. some days are worse than others.

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