September 15, 2009


at last, i've got an entire day to myself! i plan on sleeping sleeping sleeping ...

but before i do, here are some things that have gone on in the past few weeks:

- rachel's show. i'm so happy with it! the culmination of months on top of years of hard work. (but then it doesn't pause for a second.)

- president obama waved at bruce yesterday from his cavalcade on his way to lunch.

- i drafted and made my first garment where front and back are actually two sides. (like flatland)!

- i visited maryam nassir zadeh and was happy.

- i began ideas for my first garment with foundation. giddy.

- my dad might be adopting a brother for ringo ... a mastiff!

- i started packing for our new apartment. signed a lease -- which begins today.

- did you see the september issue? i could've waited for DVD. a big yawn! on the other hand we saw PONYO, which was magic.

- i finally tasted zabayone + pear ice cream at cones, and am now a believer. thanks to jeremy and stefan. :) we then discussed our holiday blockbuster, vampires of the carribean, starring both robert pattinson and johnny depp.

- lost my wallet on the MTA, but was happy because i ran into two old profs at school and caught up.

- a beautiful view of the night city from 22nd flr tim hamilton party thanks to emily.

exhausted. now time for bed.


lilly said...

as exciting the past events are, the only thing i can think of is "mastiff? really? no, really?!"

roger jr said...

i'm glad you made it through fashion week!
i hope to see the garments you're working on!

and i was on the fence about seeing ponyo in the theatres but on your recommendation i think i may give it a go.