October 16, 2009


these last two weeks, although fruitful, have been very rough. in these times the thick leather blinders i usually have up to everyday injustices really get worn down to something more akin to shutter shades. (sorry, i can't come up with a better metaphor!) particularly here, where the quality of life diminishes as the temperatures rise and fall. (i'm not from a place where there are four seasons, so what?!)

just let me rant for moment. a list of things that irk me in these times and for reasons i sometimes simply i don't understand:

people who swoop in to steal your cab, even though it is apparent to all parties you were there flailing your arms like an idiot for much much longer. people are more aggressive in these parts, aren't they?

the little tiny dust particles that accumulate in piles on my windowsill (and most likely invisibly absorbed into every porous surface of my home) - the result of out moded and miserable forms of energy consumption. it's a filthy city.

hype. any sort of it. subtlety seems just unnatural around here.

people who drive vehicles and have absolutely no concept of pedestrian right of way. (and there are so so many) you deserve no respect, you pitiful, crummy human beings.

being able to ride my bike once this entire riding season. first for repairs and second for this horrible climate. okay, no one can do anything about that, but i still can hate it, can't i?

the ear-screeching parts of the train ride that occurs on pretty much every train. you know, when the scraping of metal track reaches inhuman, drum-bursting decibels in a disgusting high high high e# alternating with b flat. not to mention the guy or girl next to you who has in those gross earbuds emitting tinny whatever the hell crappy music they're listening to for all to hear. why do people think it's funny that i wear ear plugs all the time?

feeling spasms in my kidney after doing the third or fourth round of 6 floor walk-up walking up. life's a beez - and so sayth the bike messenger who made one round up and seems to have in a matter of minutes developed asthma: i can ride my bike all day, but i can't do the 6 floor walk-up.

people who take fashion seriously. are you kidding me? stop making me miserable. if you are having fun, i love you. if you are suddenly expounding things and issuing judgments, please, please i beg of you - leave now. especially if you enjoy the smugness of peppering your sentences with terms like "on trend."

people who sit and complain for hours at a time and particularly those who compose large blog entries devoted to the unloading of mental anguish. you make me miserable! myself not excluded.

please god, don't let me feel like these things apply to humanity at large. it's depressing. are there no redeeming qualities to us and this city??!!!

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peaches and cream said...

I can completely relate to so many things you are talking about.This isthe fist time Ive come acrss your blog and wheni read this post I instantly knew you were talking about New York. Being raised here, these things become second nature, and it rolls off your shoulder. Like the fact that everyone here is an asshole. and OH GOD, THE HEADPHONE THING ON THE TRAIN? You hit the nail on the head.