October 23, 2009

Scatterbrained files

Miscellaneous Items:

Tribble postcard from Lilly. Now need to buy magnets for fridge just to post it up.

Go back to loft one more time to grab rest of stuff before 10/31: schedule.

Sign up for some car rental service: zipcar?

Email m to see rc fabrics at storage

Build foundation garment and figure out pattern for easiest construction method ... See inni

(dammit! Do lame collection images flats boards, email to Markus by weekend) lame lame lame

Just figured out the undo feature for i-devices: shake = ctrl z!

Is it possible to do a location scouting road trip to beacon ny and come back to do all night halloween extravaganza involving boat without wreaking havoc on physical self? (no)

Options for Halloween so far: 1) Waldo of where's Waldo, and 2) never nude Tobias funke (not sure how exactly to pull this off ... yet). Needs some brainstorming.

Hm, life is pretty awesome right now if images in head at bedtime are related to furry alien creatures and Tobias funke.

Looking forward to November for one reason and one reason only: vampires.

Reminder to order mcsweeneys 2009 best non required reading for the train. Only reason to miss a long commute: reading time. But that's all. In a distant fantasy world, mta is Amtrak like. Better yet, above ground hovercraft.

I just created my first blog post via blogpress - available for iPhone and iPod touch!


philip said...

my vote is for tobias funke, mais after seeing this post (http://www.refinery29.com/photo_diary/halloween_costume_moments_from.php?page=2) on r29, i'm either dissatisfied, or excited for you to top them.


jean said...

boo, gotta get naked-er!