May 22, 2010

i started a new tumblr as a repository for the things i read that i want to remember in some way or another. it's at: this could end up enabling some hoarding-type neurosis, but i'll take it as it is. how else can i filter all the mega bits of information i subject myself to everyday.

so heres's a health update. i give myself a grade of C-, but honestly, no one is watching (i mean capable of monitoring) except myself right? the past two months or so - below average in all departments: food (D for over indulgent: way too much protein, way too much salt ), sleep (C for adequate quality, but not enough recovery time between), meds (B- for reasonable appliance, but not refilling one important prescription, as well as erratic intake), energy (D- for overtaxing social life, and need to curb energy spent going out and replace with bed rest for sure), exercise (B for decent exercise at work, walking on average 2 miles a day, but no targeted exercises for stress reduction, strength training, or high intensity stuff i had started before).

i don't look sick, but i feel it all the time now. i'd venture to guess my next blood tests will not look improved. the one before (about 1.5 mos ago?) showed increased proteinuria, but blood factors looked ok. serum complements were so so. they weren't highlighted in bold (meaning abnormal) on that stupid photocopy of a fax. but they were definitely low. how do i really manage this inflammation and have a normal working life? god, i have no fucking clue. i guess one day at a time.

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