May 22, 2010

vacation is going to be great.

here's some of what i'm going to do, mostly consisting of not doing:

check my email and blog feeds only once a day. sit outside, and watch clouds. be still, just the sound of birds, wind in trees, an occasional faint hum of a car. do everything very slowly and without purpose. have no goals, especially not thinking, and not even a goal to relax as much as i can (isn't "sleeping hard" a total oxymoron?). this will take some work. i slept 16 hours and i can still sleep more. sometimes you know your body is exhausted, but just not how much until it stands in relief to inactivity. all right, it's agitating just thinking about it how spent i am, esp now that my kidneys hurt, i am still not cool with the prospects of dying, so i'm going to do something else now.

"do not disturb" sign officially in place until further notice.

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