March 25, 2011


day in the life of

Day in the life ... design phase

8:30 am Alarm rings. Snooze.
8:45 am Snooze.
9:00 am Snooze.
9:15 am Fuck My Life, this Fucking Sucks. Contemplate quitting job.

9:45 am
Amble through piles of clothes, trying to put together a decent outfit that somewhat fits the aesthetic of my company (and not be too "edgy"). Don't know why I do this, I am such a fucking square at this point. Wash up and maybe put on some mascara. No makeup otherwise. Pack my work suitcase, which is a black tote bag. Think about best shoes, put them on, then rush.

9:50 am
Grab muffin from Cranberry's. Pumpkin or banana, whichever they happen to have that morning. Catch the A at High Street.

10: 05 am
Roll into work (studio) huffing and puffing (it is a 6 story walk up). Give breathy "hi's" to whomever might be there and throw my bag down on top of plastic bins of vintage shoes. Throw jacket over rolly chair, could be eames, not really sure. Resume whatever I was doing last on iMac (the same big one i have at home ... wow it's like never leaving, i stare at this giant screen so much could i be getting some kind of radiation?). Interns roll in; give interns jobs to do. Work and steadily be interrupted by random convo between all the other employees and boss, phone calls and emails from vendors (print sources, fabric peeps), production suppliers, etc. Random spreadsheets for production. Give boss designs / sketches / discuss concepts and tasks to accomplish at random throughout the day. Pull shoes, pull old collection items, pull images from the web, from books, from magazines. Draw like my life depended on it. Pages and pages of drawings. If i am lucky, i don't have to go to Midtown because it means i won't be back until the end of the day, and will still have more to do at studio.

2:30 pm
Get some random ass salad again from Whole Foods or Amish Market. Walk right back and eat it at the desk while working.

Review random jobs from interns, wonder how much i am exploiting unpaid labor under the aegis of my boss and the entire industry, and keep telling myself "well, if they didn't want it, they wouldn't be here. if they didn't want it, they wouldn't be here." Try to remember when this whole thing was such a fascinating experience and believe it is the same feeling for them. Heh heh. Get a look from my boss telling me to work them harder. 

i'm really loving this alone time!! i finally get my computer all to myself (no bf hogging it for autocad or some photo editing shit)!! also:

1 i can listen to mariah carey all night really fucking loud!

2 i can leave my makeup all over the bathroom and know exactly where everything is the next day because it hasn't been touched!

3 no stinky boy smell anywhere!

though crazy muggy, it was all in all a great day.

one thing that really breaks my heart thinking of possibly leaving this job (if it is too hard on my body) is my co-workers, who are all great friends. i don't think i've ever worked anywhere where i can say "i work with a bunch of the sweetest women in the world." of course everyone works like a mofo, but it's also really easy to chill besides. i deem myself quite lucky in that regard.

one of the things i really need to figure out how to make happen (is something probably very simple for a lot of people) is to save up enough energy to go out more. i've really been missing too many trips and hang outs. it's kind of frustrating to think that i'm flaky as pie, but that's the problem with not being able to tell how much energy you'll have by the end of a work week. it's painfully hard to make "plans for thursday," without getting worried that that will be the day i pushed too hard and burned out and really need more sleep, away from having to summon the energy to have lively and engaged conversation or overstimulation. if you haven't thought about it, a lively hang out session is very energy intensive, even if you aren't really doing anything.

Self-intervention: I have to come face to face with how I am really really bad at responding to calls and emails. Guess my excuse before was I really was loaded with work, and then just exhausted after work, so it was hard to squeeze them in there. (I also have this weird thing where if I am feeling bad physically I find it unbearably difficult to write or socialize -- partly that socializing is exhausting, partly mental fog, and partly I don't want to have to talk about it). But now I have all this so-called free time, what the hell is going on? Now, these last few weeks, I actually haven't had that much free time. With moving, getting settled again (still not settled), working pretty much almost full-time again (almost accidentally), adjusting to a new and weird workplace with new and weird people, at the same time feeling pulled between too much work here and getting assignments from rc, and THEN feeling the residual exhaustion from the ny move ... well, I need to cut myself some slack. So, it still takes me days to respond to emails. So what!

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