March 18, 2003

Important facts about my life:

*Popsicles are my all time favorite food. I love popsicles. In second place is fruit.

*Two of my female guppies died. They were eaten by their sons and brothers. (Fish are as sick as humans, eh?)

*My favorite boy happens to be a fuzzy peach of a guy. He has the warmest, friendliest smile.

*I love California. This is a great place to live, and I appreciate the men and women who work in education, agriculture, tech, business, construction, and all the other industries that make it such a great state! It has its own problems, but tons of open-minded, forward-thinking people and beautiful natural landscapes.

*I think Bush is an ape, and I hope we all don't have to pay for it in the long run.

* All my homeboys and homegirls, I think you are the most fun, talented, genuine (as you can be!) people I have the pleasure of being friends with. And remember -- I am very picky about the people I spend my time with (if I spend time with anyone)! Even if I've been upset/haven't talked to you in a while, I look fondly to our times together. Next time we get a chance, let's kick it!

Weekend recap:
> Finished pop-up book! YAY! Chip liked it!
> Built sundial and drilled solstice line holes with Dremel. (Thanks Daniel and Siqi, ... good try, Paul!)
> Spent a rainy Friday night with Siqi and Diana chatting about how much trouble boys cause in our lives. It was fun. Too bad Siqi and I are stuck, style-wise, in 1997 . . . forever. I hope PCATs turned out well, Di! Don't stress about finals. Just cheat off of Kamal.

I visited Kame Saturday night, watched that very odd movie (which wasn't THAT funny!!!), the night ended in eye-opening revelation, but on Sunday, we both did a lot of thinking in the midst of the turmoil in our bellies ... I figured out, once again, how much I love this fuzzy muthah -- for all those ladies who don't get a Kamal in their lives, I hope you have a suitable substitute, because he's MINE!!! Kamal is the most supportive, genuine friend you could have, and I am extra lucky to have him as my boyfriend . . . he knows just the right way to rub my tummy when it is hurting (ain't that right? now don't think dirty!). Think of any DJ names for K? Hit me up!

My throat whatever the hell it is soreness is slowly going away. But, I'll miss my sexy, guttural voice that sounds like Lauren Bacall/Marlene Dietrich (haha, in my dreams). Tata! Good luck on finals!

I will leave you with a quote: “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.”

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