April 16, 2006

to collect is to live

like i mentioned in an earlier entry, returning home is like minimalism to maximalism. especially now, since i am technically at will to recuperate, on sabbatical for a year. i've been filling my 19 hour days with lots of things. today i took my first ever JOG in like 8 months (i think i had angina after the first street corner), listening to "best of biggie" ("Birthdays was the worst days / Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay / Uh, damn right I like the life I live / 'Cause I went from negative to positive / And it's all...

(It's all good)

Baby, baby."

(that goes out to all the homies in the bay and abroad -- you know very well who you are lol)

other things i've been up to:

practicing german (thank you bittorrent; thank you pimsleur!)
learning how to sew using the machine
reading so-called fashion and curatorial academia (penny martin is my inspiration)
collecting fashion (see balenciaga ss 06 above) -- looking out for bless's new collection finally available in NYC.

and of course, if you have any graphic design work needed -- print, package, web. let me know.


M said...

yay! for pimsleur!
i finished Unit 1a, but haven't been able to download more because stupid swisscom blocks bittorrent.

gurgle gurgle!

jean said...

email me your address and i will burn a cd of it for ya!!

andrea said...

hey jean- just found your card in my mailbox last night!! thanks for your words!!!!

yay for pimsleur! never heard of them till a few months ago. books out loud (dot com) in berkeley has a big stash of their recordings.. i have a copy of the recording that accompanies "deutsch na klar!" if you want one sent to you..

using the sewing machine is one of my priorities/goals from now on, too.. but i also wish there could be public "sewing libraries" or facilities around the bay. maybe there are? maybe i'm lazy/stingy?

and- i love this photo. and that song. 'to collect is to live' makes me feel better about seeing all these scraps i've amassed over the years..

andrea said...

"deutsch na klar"- textbook.

jean said...

yeah, pimsleur is really conversational, but you learn to talk fast. i got all three levels off bittorrent.

it would be nice to actually have a book that explains the grammar, etc. so i can read it.

bach said...

baby, baby!!!!

anyhow, there are sewing circles around... shopmycloset use to post them but not much anymore. there was one in modesto a week ago (on shopmycloset)... is modesto near you jean?

and in sf - there's stitch lounge (http://www.stitchlounge.com)
smc ocassically post stitch lounge's events on the blog.

jean said...

no, unfortunately modesto is hella far. and hella republican. lol.