August 21, 2009

fave new things of the last month!

i accumulated a lot of really awesome stuff this past month. i dunno how it happened but i did! seriously, no more stuff the rest of the year, please. i have too much already, but you know when you come across something really great, there's no way you can pass it up ... ok maybe that's just me!

went sort of nuts at antique trove, which is a small diamond mine in old roseville. after going to melet mercantile (where a raggedy jumper is about $300 and prices are upwards $1000s), i think i went berserk over the low-ness of the prices outside manhattan with two very wonderful hats that lilly calls "you look like madeleine," scarves, a swiss military sack (in line with the old timey bag trends of the zeitgeist), and virtually pristine polaroid land camera with leather body and case at goodwill. at jet rag and am rag in la, we did a good fall stock-up with a deep green halston blazer, a chanel-ish mini wool jacket in a most wonderful bright blue, some summery cropped cotton-linen shirts (my favorite thing to wear in this heat), some thick twill jackets (yes, my vintage eye is eames for the body), an amazingly sueded whiskey leather cape (that i had to leave at home till my trip), and then black leather (totally unworn) patent- cap-toe flat mules, with shoe string bows. ridiculously good finds, but still no dresses (which i might have to pick up at all these end of summer sales ... luckily i scored some dope lanvin x acne at barney's via proxy which will be awesome for fall).

honestly i had to pass up a ton of books i was intending on bringing back here (50% of my library is still in california) to make all the space for my newly acquired objets d'art.

another thing to mention is this AMAZINGLY AWESOME stoop sale right before my trip, where i got some new apc sandals and (also new) a wang booty shorts, both of which i've been making good use of, among other stuff, all for a few dollars ... see, too much stuff, right?? :)

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