August 21, 2009

trip home

had a freaking awesome trip back in california.

even though we didn't do our big sur road trip as semi-planned. that's ok, more time at home!

we spent a lot of time with fam in LA and norcal. and stopped by watts towers for the first time, which was gorgeous.

the weather was spectacular everywhere, and i've really come to appreciate it now that i'm over here. no complaints.

having a car again was nice. it's stressful but serene by familiarity. solitude and landscapes.

our girls have grown up a lot. shucks. boys, too, actually.

it was really sweet to stay with rog and see siq and little robbie grow into bigger little robbie. i am sad to be gone so fast. i really am.

sorry if i didnt get a chance to say hi; the trip was really too short.

now i am back here. and the thoughts of impending fashion week is already doing me the adrenaline thing, but worse this time because i am not ready for working fast and late nights again ... especially after this uber relaxing trip home.

1 comment:

roger jr said...

it was fantastic to see you, it had been too long!
and i'm so glad that you got to stay with me for a bit, it was fun!