November 28, 2009


i stayed up until 4:30 am last night to go through pictures to upload to flickr. i've obviously done a very poor job of documenting anything at all this year, but i hope i can get motivated again. i think it's just this year has been particularly difficult and probably one of the busiest ...

one thing that might make me want to take more digi photos is this, but i have to resist the urge to consume ... !


mentally and physically preparing for the next few months leading up to and including fashion week fall winter 2010 (first weeks of february 2010)

rc designs

lvmh competition

finals: gown, film, portfolio, portfolio

real portfolio


others: misc for b films, window display

i believe i might have a few too many extracurricular activities, although i like to call it max fischer syndrome. it makes me want to drop out, seriously, but there are just too many cool classes to take and people to hang out with. unfortunately, i am a very greedy person and will want it all! i think the lesson is pacing ... and maybe, just maybe, toning down the nerd-ness (sooner or later) is in order ...

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