March 24, 2011


continued, excerpts from drafts never published:

i came home and found out ringo can open doors himself!

Ringo is my german shep/lab. Having been abandoned by his family at age 1 (we adopted him from the SPCA) but possessing an above average canine intellect, I would say he is a tormented genius.

buffalo stance

Paying respects.

catch-22's :

exercise makes you stronger, but too much makes you sicker.
eat meat to revive your energy, but don't because it'll hurt you.

there are fine lines between everything. they're finer when you're fucked up like i am.

all i fucking heard there was: you can't, you can't, you can't. it's fucking ingrained in my conscious like a perverse mantra.


saying no to things doesn't mean you say no to everything.

fuck it. fight it. turn the anger into something bigger. because everything they say means nothing. you make it what you want -- anything you want. fuck anyone else's idea of you -- you can make anything out of anything. no fear, all glory.

Wow! That's pretty embarassing. But I guess everyone has "those voices" now and then, hm?

i found this dope little site called "friends of p." it's put together by graphic design buddies, inspired by their friend "p," who has lupus. so perfectly, it also comes with a tokyo police club cover of the rentals' "friends of p." (oh weezer!)

"our friend p has lupus, an autoimmune illness which causes her body to fight against its own organs rather than foreign substances. it affects over 1.5 million americans and there is no cure. as friends of p, we hope to raise awareness and funds with the lupus foundation of america for continued research."

what else? there's a tote bag! what!

well, this just made my day when i saw it drop into my google reader via the style press. what would i do without the internets? it makes me so happy to know that even if i'm down, in a quiet room on my laptop, i'm never really alone. (more at lupus & humor, lupus livejournal)

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