March 24, 2011


And more drafts to ponder:



Counting down: I have a little over seven days left at a job that I despise. Perhaps the most wretched job I have ever had in my life (which really says a lot about my lack of work misery in general -- thank my lucky stars). All's I have to say is: FREEEEEDOM! I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT!

As they say, what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger. If suffering's inversely correlated with strength, then I will have enough muscle to lift a three story building after I get through with this job. Being treated as if I were an idiot, being totally unable to use any creative muscle, and working with divas and slackers simultaneously are among the choice joys of this position. On the other hand, I picked up a knack for fitting variously shaped things onto tiny shelves. Also, I'm pretty impervious to screaming bosses now as well as bugging the crap out of people to get work done, which might prove handy in the future.

I'm so happy to have this five month period come to a close, not a second too soon. A few days afterwards, I think the emotional numbness will melt, and slowly but surely, a sense of levity and pleasure in activities I once enjoyed will return. So, let's grab a drink (or an ice cream cone, if you prefer)! And let's go dancing!!

i know this might not be the correct time to think about jackets, what with all this abominable climate change, but i am a sucker for dolman sleeves. looking at long coats and layers also serves as a popsicle for my mind; it can transport me to a cooler season ... or better, a cooler planet.

Just saying, I am glad I did not publish this.


first day of internship!

(soho) showroom -> bank -> fedex -> manufacturing -> (garment district) lining warehouse -> manufacturer -> stock warehouse -> jewelry manufacturer -> 2nd manufacturer -> stock warehouse

in between, i had few minutes to stop by olive's for a corn muffin and picked up all my bobbin stuff at panda trim for sewing class. woot!

congrats to d on opening ceremony!!!

I am happy to come across this one. I forgot how exciting it was to be introduced into this world, and how it did not ever feel like drudgery, since I was learning so much and seeing so many new things. Recently I am always reluctant to send interns out on massive tasks like this because i don't want them to feel exploited, etc etc.

to do

mail absentee ballot application
install fcp

cut samples for croquis (due: 3 days)
buy oil pastels, etc

move auntie's furniture to studio (due: end of month)
work on rc studio design

assemble bike
mail gifts
frame prints

find good to-do app on itunes that doesn't cost $9.99!

things and solitude

some good things lately:

jonathan's birthday (happy bday, baby bro)
'taking over' - danny hoch at the public
bookbook brooklyn
steven alan massive sweater accumulation
figuring out the right bundled-up to wind chill ratio to stay warm outdoors

not so good things lately:

it irritates me when people complain about things that are not any form of suffering at all. if they would stay quiet, the world (or at least, i) would surely appreciate the reduction in noise pollution.

on the other hand, i read in the huffingtonpost (which i am actively starting to wean myself off of, post-election) this lifestyle article explaining that we exhaust a lot of energy in restraint (ok, no matthew barney references) -- whether it's pretending to be nice to those we would rather tell off, or making ourselves cut back on the calories. i suppose deciding between self indulgence and respect for others is the fine balancing act of a socially functioning individual. or at times, for those like myself, hermetitude (not a real word) is a more enticing and even necessary alternative.

solitude. karl lagerfeld does it.

Is this the point at which more and more posts become "lists"?

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