March 24, 2011


more snippets from the recent past:

I've been going through months long phases replacing text with images and images with text.

Not sure what that even means.


my first bound print portfolio:

pages: 16, incl cover
paper: neenah classic crest, 80 lb cover, 80 lb text
dimensions: 8" x 10"
binding: black tape bind

Okay, got it.

3 /23/2008
the burden of history is weighed in memories and guilt of unreconciled offences. it's the unspoken and nostalgia you find scrawled in a notebook and an image i imagined pure that is now so tainted i want to destroy it any way i can.

i can't destroy them. i must release them and return them to the time in history they belong --kept, , in the past, no longer able to incapacitate the present.

That's embarassing. Good thing I read "The Piano Teacher" since then and feel fine about being horribly traumatized. (That's hyperbole btw).

her trove was not just a collection of personal favorites but a work of erudition, having lived through the scene in the early 90s.

Who is this??

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